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About Us

Tony and Eilish are business owners who passionately believe that there is another way to build great businesses and strong careers outside of the traditional corporate environment. We recognised there are many people like us who love what they do and want to keep doing it on their own terms. The problem is we often work alone and don't have a central place to go to ask questions, share experiences of what's working and what's not, share hopes, dreams and fears; or just hang out with like minded people. This is why we created Fibonacci Land. 

A community is built by its members. We've started this, but we need your participation to make it work for all of us, so it grows to become a place people come to and return because its giving you what you need. Please let us know what's the biggest obstacle(s) you are facing ask and if you know how we can help you with that.

After all we're all in this together.

Why you should join us

Everyone has heard of the Fibonacci sequence named after the Italian mathematician Leonardo Pisano (1157-1250). It is nature's numbering system. It appears everywhere, from the seeds in a sunflower, florets of broccoli and galaxies. The Fibonacci numbers are applicable to the growth of every thing: including a single cell, a grain of wheat, a hive of bees, and even all of mankind. When used in architecture and art the spatial relationships work, think of the Mona Lisa, the Parthenon. Fibonacci squence shows us how things grow and expand naturally when we step into the flow of this natural unfolding. 

This sequence is used in the financial markets and can equally be applied to the evolution of a business as it moves from concept to creation, development to realisation (and refinement). Repeating this cycle as it gains momentum and scale from dream up to start up, grow up to scale up. 

Each time the spiral circles back on itself it becomes more stable as it implements the learnings to become better and bigger (if that is the intention). Of course a business can only grow as its people learn and improve through their personal experience. As we, the leaders expand through the 'spiral' building on who we are and what we do and how we respond to each experience we get better each time.  

This is the core purpose of Fibonacci Land. 

By bringing this community of like minded people together and sharing our experiences, resources and knowledge, we will all become better at what we do, how we do it and have more fun doing it.

We’re for the challengers and the dreamers, visionaries and mavericks, rule breakers and pathmakers. 

We believe there is another way.

There is another way to running a business than coming up with 'the great idea' and blindly ploughing on with that 'idea' until you run out of money.

There is another way to freelancing than simply completing the same project over and over again for different clients.

There is another way to have a career and to live your life beyond working with a single 'big' employer.

There is another way to live rather than clocking in at 9 and finishing at 6.

Are you ready to imagine another way of working and living? What could your way be?

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